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I do hereby declare that all the answers to the above questions are true to the best of my knowledge, that I have not falsified, concealed or withheld any material information; and that I undertake to furnish any documentation which may be required by miLife Insurance Company.

I expressly waive all provisions of law, custom or professional etiquette forbidding any physician or any institution who attended, treated or examined the deceased to disclose any information acquired.

I hereby authorize all such persons or agencies to furnish any information in their possession to miLife Insurance Company.

I, the undersigned client, grant permission and consent for the exchange of my information among life insurance companies for the purpose of preventing fraud.

Upon submission of fraudulent documentation even in genuine claim cases, it may result in the delay of payments or outright rejection of claims.

If after settlement of claim, our investigations prove that there were any falsified documentations presented, miLife reserves the right to prosecute the claimant and publish the act in any national newspaper